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Ozone generators

Ozone Machine

Effective area

                                                  Length    Width   Height

Activator 1000 ozone generator       12"            9"         7"

Activator 2000 ozone generator        12"           9"         7"

These units are great because they are portable and boast 115 volts of power, more than enough energy to get the tough jobs done. The convenient 24 hour timer makes this unit easy to operate. Thousands of ozone generators are in use each day on the front lines of disaster relief, including floods and fires.

These days, even dry cleaners can be heroes! Save your customers’ clothes from smoke and water damage.

The Activator Series, from Iowa Techniques, eliminates odors naturally by producing controlled amounts of ozone (O3). Ozone removes smoke, mold, mildew, food, pet, and paint odors with absolutely no chemicals involved. Ozone is nature’s most powerful deodorizer!

• Activator 1000 1 MG/hr. 30,000 cubic feet
• Activator 2000 2 MG/hr. 60,000 cubic feet

Great for fire and flood restoration!