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Scale Cart

Damp Boxes & Scale Carts

Damp Box

Improved productivity

means more PROFIT!

Scale carts help eliminate overloading machines and enables tracking of poundage and solvent mileage.

• Heavy steel frame
• Molded plastic garment container
• Convenient chrome handles
• 4” heavy duty swiveling casters
•100 pound capacity
Stop guessing at your poundage.

Weigh each load and you will be accurate.

Damp boxes are a must for the professional shirt launderer.
They speed production, reduce touch ups and re do’s!

Proper height and angle reduces operator fatigue. Damp
boxes allow shirts to retain the proper moisture, essential
to shirt processing. Available with formed plastic tubs and
heavy duty locking casters.

Cart your shirts directly from the washer to the press in
one step!

Scale Carts Eliminate overloading