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Direct drive gearbox and motor
No belts, no pulleys

Auto control unit
Adapts to virtually any conveyor.
Make change while your customer’s
clothes are automatically delivered.

Gear Motor
Auto Conveyor Finder

Solid stamped steel hangers
Straight Line, Up and Down, V Dip or Double Deck all use
hangers, increased versatility over other brands.

Floor Conveyor


The quiet conveyor
Dependable, rugged and fast

Steel Yokes & Hangers

Solid stamped
steel yokes

Lifetime of service
without downtime

Steel Yokes & Hangers

Soft start intelligent drive system
No more garment swing.
Standard on all
Iowa Techniques Conveyors


Garment Storage Conveyors

We strive for complete customer satisfaction. Should you like a reference, we are more than happy to provide a list of customers for you.

You will like the Iowa Techniques‘ advantage.

Constructed of the highest standards and quality, each Iowa Techniques conveyor is designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested before shipping.

Our CAD (computer aided design) system ensures each conveyor is manufactured to your exact specifications. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you with layout and design. Versatile in design, Iowa Techniques conveyors can easily be converted from a straight line floor model to an up and down conveyor without the need to purchase new hangers. Our stamped steel yokes and hangers work in any and all configurations.

Priced competitively, with shorter lead time and higher quality, the Iowa Techniques conveyor is the choice of garment care professionals around the world.

Garment Storage Conveyor