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DynaFluid Valves

Iowa Techniques DynaFluid™ valve is the answer to your hot water needs. Thousands are in use daily. Provides years of trouble-free performance and costs less than traditional water heating systems, or heat exchangers.

Simply mount the DynaFluid valve on the wall behind your washer, and run steam and water lines to the valve. When your washer calls for hot water, you will have an instant, unlimited supply.

Dynafluid Valve

• Temperature control knob, adjustable limit for maximum temperature

• Stainless steel fixed loading spring allows positive shut off in the event of cold water failure

• Cold water input valve adjusts flow

• Piston, actuated by cold water pressure



Dynafluid Valve

• Quiet
• Easy to install
• Unlimited capacity 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1-1/2" sizes
• Hydraulic operation, no thermostats
• Works with uneven steam and water pressure,
10 to 150 psi
• Automatically proportions steam to volume
of water being used

Instant hot steamy water

• Variable loading spring ensures shut off if cold water fails

• Main steam valve

• Mixing chamber: steam is injected evenly for consistent temperature

Saves space, money and vent problems!