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"Everyone knows Iowa Techniques makes quality garment conveyors at a great value, but the flexibility to design a conveyor to meet individual needs is the reason I chose their conveyors over other conveyor manufacturers for my retail stores. Working with Iowa Techniques over the last decade has provided us with many quality products that we use in our dry cleaning operation, but more importantly, they provide solutions to assist and improve our operation.Several years ago we were trying to figure out a way to organize all the items we use at our pressing stations (production rings, skirt clips, safety pins, lint roller, etc.) so our staff will have everything readily available at their workstations. After a few conversations with Matt Kool, the “Press Caddy” was developed. This one solution makes the everyday production run smoother with our pressers having everything they need right at their stations. Iowa Techniques is flexible enough to help with assisting individual needs, but large enough to provide value pricing."

Tony Milto

Milto Cleaners
Greenwood, IN


"The interesting difference between Iowa Techniques and others is that they do not just sell products. They identify a need, engineer a product, manufacture that product, then sell it.The Iowa Techniques team is proactive in finding solutions for our everyday needs.After we have purchased one of their products ( shirt cone, racks, scales, stainless soak tub ) and have had any questions or maintenance issues, they are quick to respond to us.We are a 10 year plus, satisfied customer."

John Albert

Citywide Cleaners

Cedar Rapids, Iowa


"With their product innovation and out of the box thinking, Iowa Techniques brings a fresh perspective that offers effective solutions to our needs. Moreover, they are good people to deal with.

Andrew Rivkin

Embassy Cleaners


All full-service dry cleaners have seen and will continue to see the wet cleaning part of their business grow. A good wet cleaning department will help cleaners separate themselves from the competition. A drying cabinet has to be part of that equation. It is not a luxury, but a must. I bought my drying cabinet from Iowa Techniques back in 1999 and it is still going strong. I could not get by without it."

Charlie Jones CPW

Comet Cleaners                                                                                                                                                            


"I left my advertising career and entered the dry cleaning business 16 years ago. In an attempt to find creative ways to service our customers and differentiate our business, I was always looking for innovative ideas. One of the first purchases I made was the 24-hour drop box from Iowa Techniques. Sixteen years later, that drop box is still working great and has never needed any kind of repair or service."

Mike Astorino

Fabricare Cleaners


"Matt and Iowa Techniques are an asset to our industry and my business. From innovative products to consistent product delivery, to reliable answers, solutions, and service, we know we can count on them every time.Amin Bata
We have been dealing with Iowa Techniques since its inception. They are there to help us think outside the box. Do yourself a favor, talk to Matt Kool at Iowa Techniques, he has solutions that work."

DeAnn Soults,
Crescent Cleaners

Bettendorf, IA


"My hat is off to Matt and his staff for building a truly professional organization. Not only respected by the industry but respected by each and every client. It is a true pleasure doing business with Iowa Techniques, a gem of a company."

Joe Waite
Platinum Total Fabricare


"Iowa Techniques provides the most innovative and useful products, keeping our company a step ahead of our competition."

Paul Brown
Jack Brown Cleaners


"I am writing to you regarding our good long term business relationship with Iowa Techniques and One Hour Cleaners, Inc. dba HOUR GLASS CLEANERS. Matt, as you know, we have been a customer of your company for many, many years. We have always enjoyed a good business relationship with you. We have found you and your staff to always be very helpful, courteous, and prompt in delivering our purchases from Iowa Techniques. We have used a number of your products including your steam mixing valves for our shirt laundry department. We have found the steam mixing valves work excellent for our hot water supply for our laundered shirts.We have also used your laundered shirt damp boxes. These are great! Our staff has found these damp boxes very helpful and efficient. The damp boxes have helped reduce our employee's fatigue too.In any event, I wanted to let you know that we continue to be very satisfied with your products. Looking forward to a continued good long term business relationship together."

Brian H. Burdick

President and General ManageR

One Hour Cleaners, Inc.


" In this day and age finding, excellent service is a difficult feat. It is hard to believe that people like you still exist. Iowa Techniques is great to work with and your conveyors are the real deal. Thanks for providing such outstanding products and service! We have enjoyed working with you over the last ten, plus, years."

Ben Jensen
CD One Price Cleaners


"Jan 19th, 2011 began a new era for Linder’s Cleaners. Business today is more challenging, I had to look internally for ways to maintain profits despite flat sales and increasing costs. My goal, do the work with fewer people. I found my solution with Iowa Techniques. Installing my assembly conveyor allowed me to eliminate 1 person from assembly equaling $1,500 per month in labor savings. The payback was immediate!I had concerns about disruption to production during installation. They came on Tues after production, and 4 hours later installation was complete. Wednesday morning I was assembling clothes on the conveyor. It was literally that easy. The advantages are huge:

Consistency in pricing
No miss assemblies
No lost garments
Immediate ROI

My store is tight. Space is a premium but my assembly conveyor takes less space than I used before. Investing more in my business was a tough decision. No one wants to spend money today. There wasn’t or isn’t a single piece of equipment I could buy that would pay for itself. The assembly conveyor from Iowa Techniques did that and more.”

Jason Lafer
Linder’s French Cleaners


“ I really did a lot of investigation into available Assembly Conveyors. What impressed me about the Iowa Techniques Assembly Conveyor System was the attention to service and follow up. It came down to the human element. I like Matt Kool and Iowa Technique’s reputation in the industry. They offered the follow-up support that I needed to make this type of change to my production system, with confidence. Since we didn’t do barcodes prior to installing the Assembly Conveyor, this purchase changed the way we did everything! I needed a company that would be there after the sale!

The Iowa Technique’s Assembly Conveyor did exactly what I wanted. It cut labor costs, reduced mistakes and tightened up the ship.
When we do have an error, it’s not the conveyor; it’s human error. The increase in our customer confidence is apparent too!I use to have 2 assembly people in the back. One for dry cleaning and one for laundry. Now I have one person doing it all with the help of the Iowa Technique’s Assembly Conveyor.I recommend this Assembly Conveyor, Absolutely!
The most pleasing thing about this overall experience is the quality of the Iowa Techniques Product and the exceptional follow through of its people! Brett has been absolutely golden after the sale! I call, he picks up. No matter if it is a question or an issue, he takes it and works with it. In 14 years in the industry, I can honestly say that this is the BEST VENDOR I have ever worked with!”

Brian Robertson
Comet Cleaners & Laundry
Corinth, TX 76210


“My goal in purchasing the Iowa Tech Assembly Conveyor was to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. It has done that and more! I am down 1 ½ – 2 people in the back and my counter help is happier and friendlier with customers. One of the biggest benefits was unexpected. This Assembly Conveyor System gives us better customer service. Once my counter help sees the barcode on an item, they don’t have to ask the customer’s name. They discretely scan the item and instantly see the name, item descriptions, and cleaning preferences. The friendly conversation begins and our customers feel remembered and valued.This was one of the smoothest installations of any product I have experienced! The Iowa Tech Team was very efficient at getting it up and running without issues. They walked me through every step of the way.With a $15,000-$22,000 reduction in labor costs already, not to mention the decrease in personnel issues, the Iowa Tech Assembly Conveyor is incredible.
I Highly Recommend it and wish I would have done it sooner!”

Harry Wortmann
Lindale Cleaners
Lindale, TexasHarry also benefits from the following Iowa Technique Products:

Heat Seal Machine
Starch Cooker
Poly Carts
Slick Rails
3 – 20ft conveyors

“Why do I buy from Iowa Techniques?  They are extremely reliable. Great products with great service!”


"We have been customers of Iowa Techniques for several years. In that time, we have never had a problem that was not handled quickly, efficiently and professionally. Iowa Techniques provides a quality product and top-notch customer service."

Michael E. Nesbit
MW Cleaners